Klaus Maunuksela:

“I’m a dramaturg, writer and artist-researcher who is active in the fields of performance, literature and artistic research. Currently I’m conducting doctorate in artistic research in Performing Arts Research Centre in the Theatre Academy of University of Arts Helsinki where my interests have focused on questions related to language in audio literature, sound art and performance.

My latest works include multifaceted fractal composition Manuaali (2022), which can be received as a novel, a conceptual sound performance, a graphic musical score and artistic research component. Performance variant of the work is produced under performing arts label virate.me as a part of an ongoing series of sonic works which combine extra-textual writing practices and experimental use of sound technology.

Many of my works result from interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from various fields of art. Through cultivating relations of common sharing and developing of new methods of working together I want to contribute to art practice that is ethically conscientious and critically committed. This means also analysing conditions of artistic production in the artworks themselves: Apuraha ja tunteet (Grant and Feelings, 2022) for example was a documentary play that examined the affective economy of funding mechanisms in art and science.

While my works and collaborations might take different (even opposing) forms, the common nominator in my activities is interest in dramaturgy as an expanded field of art, which combines elements from different art forms and lines of thought into a new mobile compound. This idea might function as Ariadne’s thread that leads you through works and texts collected in these pages.”

Photo by Lasse Poser.